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” We effectively voice the necessities of elderly and support their physical and mental well being.”
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Welcome To Agrasen Old Age Home

Best Elderly Care Service Centre.

( Social Welfare Project Of Agrawal Seva Samiti For Single Living Old Age People.)

Clean and hygienic dining halls, in addition to room service available. Free laundry service. Cozy and comfortable rooms as per needs of elderly persons.

Indoor games such as TT, Carom , cards. Freedom to work, relax and whatever residents want to do. Yoga Centre.

Weekly health check up. Proximity to hospital. Ambulance facility.

Trained resident nurses 24 hours available. Food specially made for the need of old persons especially as per the diet prescribed by doctors.

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Helping seniors learn hobbies

The unique feature of this elderly care service Centre is Activity Centre. this centre is not just old age home. this is activity centre. Following activities and hobbies are encouraged:

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Providing best elderly care service

Basic facilities in the activity centre of 25000 Sft. building at Laxmi Sagar Village, Bidadi, Bangalore


Our mission is to provide the best services.

Agrasen Old Age Home is one of social welfare project of Agrawal Seva Samiti for single living old age people. It is not just old age home, but it’s an activity Centre for them.

The project for ASCAC has started with Shilanyas program on 18.01.2019.  And the project was completed on March 2020.

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Our nurses respond every time with a big warm smile.

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Trained resident nurses 24 hours available.
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